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Amref Health Africa and aidTrain Announce Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Global Compliance Training



Amref Health Africa and aidTrain Announce Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Global Compliance Training Across Africa

Nairobi, 8 June 2023: Amref Health Africa, a leading international health development organization, announces a partnership with aidTrain, a global provider of compliance training. This joint venture promises to bring tailored, high-quality training opportunities to stakeholders and partners in the global development sector, with the goal of advancing lasting organizational capacity in Africa.

The synergy between the two organizations, each equipped with extensive experience and expertise, will be directed towards enhancing the comprehension of donors' rules and regulations, operating policies and procedures, and management of donor resources. This partnership will serve as a critical resource for those working in development who wish to extend their understanding in these areas.

Dr George Kimathi, Amref’s Director of the Institute of Capacity Development, expresses his optimism about the partnership. "A union between the right people, with a shared goal and pathway, becomes a winning combination for greater impact," he said.

In a shared mission to offer quality learning experiences and promote capacity building, Amref and aidTrain are focused on fostering the next generation of compliance experts. The combined effort will spotlight and empower the existing pool of expertise in Africa, nurturing sustainability and self-reliance within the region.

AidTrain, whilst maintaining its size and range of services, aims to boost its offerings through this strategic alliance. The mutual respect and recognition between the two teams have laid a solid foundation for this exciting venture.

Trainees under the Amref/aidTrain partnership can look forward to a learning experience that is not just practical and relevant, but also engaging. With the return of in-person learning, participants can benefit from the unique opportunities that classroom settings provide, including the chance to truly network and collaborate.

Best said by Libby Spader, aidTrain partner, “this partnership seeks to drive greater donor management and compliance skills for the global development sector, truly embodying the commitment of both Amref and aidTrain towards empowering the next generation of compliance educators and practitioners in Africa.”

In-person sessions will be offered in 2023 in the following locations:

· Nairobi, Kenya

· Lilongwe, Malawi

· Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

· Kampala, Uganda

· Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

We look forward to launching more locations in 2024.

About Amref

Amref Health Africa, headquartered in Kenya, is the largest Africa-based international health and development organisation providing training and health services to over 20 million people annually in at least 30 countries in Africa. Amref Health Africa continues to evolve and innovate the approaches to increase sustainable health access among communities.

Amref manages a full range of medical and public health programmes tackling the most critical health challenges facing the continent – including global health emergencies, communicable and no-communicable disease, neglected tropical diseases, maternal and childcare, as well as water, sanitation, and climate change. Much of our credibility with local communities and African governments stems from the relationship and trust that we have built over the past 65 years.

Learn more about Amref at

About aidTrain

aidTrain is a woman and Black-owned small business that provides training on US Government Regulations for Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts. Our expert trainers have more than 60 years combined experience, with thousands of participants from nonprofits, corporations, auditing firms, and government officials working both in the United States and globally.

Learn more about aidTrain at

For more information, please contact:

· Laura Malaguerra,

· Wairimu Muthaka,

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