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Train Your Team

We design and facilitate private courses on-site exclusively for your company or organization.

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Learn together to build stronger teams

Develop standards, improve consistency, and communicate effectively through team learning.

Customize your training

Do you have multiple donors? Need help with subawards? 

We're happy to help you craft a learning experience for your needs and budget.  

Train on your schedule

Select a time and location that works for you.

Our Services

Design customized learning sessions and workshops

aidTrain will listen to your challenges and support you with in-person learning solutions and session design. Utilizing learning best practices, these sessions will be participatory, practical, relevant and engaging.

Deliver customized

in-person training

aidTrain will support you with customized, in-person training at your convenience. Expert on-site advice and training builds a common culture of compliance and a shared understanding of relevant regulatory language.

Build a training/presentation skills cohort

aidTrain provides professional presentation skills/facilitation training, helping you build a common culture of engaging meetings and learning sessions. Receive 1-1 feedback on your presentation skills and build your confidence as a facilitator.

Sample Topics

We can customize our existing courses to meet your training needs. We can design sessions specifically for your organization or expand on existing topics. The following additional thematic areas are available. 

Award Review

Take your team through a specific award

Proposal Development

  • Guidance for Responding to Proposals both NOFOs and RFPs

  • Cost Proposal: Accurate Budgeting, Budget Narratives


  • Asset Management​

  • Administration, Travel and Logistics

  • Human Resources and Ethics

Award Negotiation

Available for both to USG or other donors and Prime to Sub or Sub to Prime

Business Development 

Overview of the necessary research, networking, planning before a proposal is published

Risk Management

Fraud, Conflict of Interest and all Ethical Requirements

Indirect Costs

Available for both to USG or other donors and Prime to Sub or Sub to Prime

Presentation Skills

How to best engage learners and make the learning stick


  • Property Disposition

  • Close Out Plan: Staffing, Legal, Financial and Logistics

  • Audit details and Audit Readiness

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