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Mastering Indirect Cost Recovery

Is this a direct or indirect cost?

Fully recovering all direct and indirect costs is vital to an organization’s sustainability. Full cost recovery is often complicated when receiving donor funds. The good news is that for many costs, there is no right or wrong answer. To be successful, the organization needs to determine their strategy and apply it consistently. This 3-day course will provide organizations the necessary knowledge, tools and practical steps to:

  • Define indirect and direct costs

  • Formulate an indirect rate

  • Track and Manage an organization’s indirect rate

  • Maximize indirect cost recovery from multiple different donor indirect rates

  • Communicate and advocate an organization’s indirect rate to donors

  • The US Government process to pursue a NICRA (Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement)

  • US Government Compliance Regulations for Indirect Costs and Indirect Rates


This course is for geared toward business development professionals and finance professionals.

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