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Foundations of Financial and Budget Management for US Government programs

Good financial and program management, budget planning and reliable internal control practices keeps an organization on track and out of trouble. Our expert facilitators will provide comprehensive learning, tools and direct practice in these financial and program management areas:

  • USG Financial Management Expectations

  • Internal Controls for all office departments

  • Budget Planning and flexibility

  • Cost Share

  • Program Income

  • Timekeeping and Staff Benefits

  • Indirect Costs

  • Linkages between Financial and Programmatic Reporting

  • Surviving and Managing Audits


This course is designed for participants that:
1. have completed at least one previous training on the US Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200).
2. want to better manage the funds provided by the US Government from any US Government Agency: USAID, Center for Disease Control (CDC), State Department and other USG agencies.

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