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OMB Releases 2024 Update to 2 CFR 200 

aidTrain knows well that the federal regulations are like the foundation of a house. It's not always glamorous, but it's critical for building successful government-funded programs.

Today, the Office of Management and Budget released the 2024 update to the uniform guidance. This update aims to lower the burden on organizations, reduce barriers to entry into federal funding and make project management more efficient.

We're excited to dive into the 2024 update with welcome changes to many areas, including changes to indirect cost recovery, a new streamlined NOFO template, translation into other languages, and simplified reporting requirements. 

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This joint venture between Amref and aidTrain brings tailored, high-quality training opportunities to stakeholders and partners in the global development sector, with the goal of advancing lasting organizational capacity in Africa.

Who We Are

Our vision is to equip the next generation of US Government compliance leaders.

aidTrain is a woman and Black-owned small business that provides training on US Government Regulations for Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts. Our expert trainers have more than 60 years combined experience, with thousands of participants from nonprofits, corporations, auditing firms, and government officials working both in the United States and globally. 

Our Expertise

Our Fantastic Participants Say

Michael, Director of Ukraine Crisis Response at 5RocksGlobal

"The aidTrain class on "Applying USAID, CDC, and State Department Regulations" was a game-changer for me! Shannon's engaging teaching style made complex concepts accessible, and the in-person class fostered invaluable networking and connections. Now, I confidently navigate regulations, manage taxpayer money responsibly, and know where to find resources and support - all thanks to this incredible course!"


Sarah, Global Grants Finance Officer at CRS

"The training was very engaging, interactive, and informative. It really exceeded my expectations in many ways, especially in the way that the discussions were very specific and addressed many unique scenarios of the trainees, which helped connect the regulations to practical applications for a variety of organizations."

G., Nonprofit advisory consultant 

"I  could not have had a better experience.  The instructors were lively and engaging, and demonstrated their deep hands-on experience in all topics covered.  The interactive “classroom-style” format of the course (including breakout sessions, games, and real life stories) were not only effective learning tools but also fun!  I am excited to apply what I learned in my day-to-day work.  10/10. "

Our Courses

Navigating US Government Requirements for Cooperative Agreements and Grants

Effectively navigating US Government regulations is key to a successful program. By the end of this three-day training, participants will be able to research, interpret, and apply the regulations of their US Government grant or cooperative agreement. 

Student Writing
Adult Education Course

Applying USAID, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and State Department (DOS) Regulations

All US Government Agencies have additional rules that complement 2 CFR 200, the US Government Uniform Regulations for grants and cooperative agreements. To build strong working relationships and effectively implement a project, it is important for organizations to fully understand each US Government Agency’s regulatory framework.

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